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Supernova (2000) Movie Download

Supernova (2000) movie poster download
Name:Supernova (2000)
Directed:Walter Hill
Starring:James Spader, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster

Synopsis : Supernova Chronicles The Search And Rescue Patrol Of A Medical Ship In Deep Space In The Early 22nd Century And Its Six-member Crew Which Includes A Captain And Pilot, A Co-pilot, A Medical Officer, A Medical Technician, A Search And Rescue Paramedic, And A Computer Technician. When Their Vessel, The Nightingale 229, Answers An Emergency Distress Signal From A Comet Mining Operation In A Distant Galaxy, The Crew Soon Finds Itself In Danger From The Mysterious Young Man They Rescue, The Alien Artifact He's Smuggled Aboard, And The Gravitational Pull Of A Giant Star About To Supernova. The Resulting Explosion Will Be The Most Massive Explosion In The Universe.

Supernova (2000)

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