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Rampage (2018) Movie Download

Rampage (2018) movie poster download
Name:Rampage (2018)
Directed:Brad Peyton
Starring:Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman

Synopsis : Primatologist Davis Okoye Shares An Unshakable Bond With George, The Extraordinarily Intelligent Gorilla Who Has Been In His Care Since Birth. But A Rogue Genetic Experiment Gone Awry Transforms This Gentle Ape Into A Raging Monster. As These Newly Created Monsters Tear Across North America, Destroying Everything In Their Path, Okoye Teams With A Discredited Genetic Engineer To Secure An Antidote, Fighting His Way Through An Ever-changing Battlefield, Not Only To Halt A Global Catastrophe But To Save The Fearsome Creature That Was Once His Friend.

Rampage (2018)

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